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Bright, Light & Lively

Breakfast Roast 5lb

A wonderful compliment to any breakfast, our lightest roast is brisk and wakeful. Bright, Light and Lively. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Perfectly Balanced, Smooth Finish

Carolina Classic 5lb

Carolina Classic is our most popular roast, and for a good reason! This customer favorite has a medium body with a fabulous taste. Not too light but far from dark, this smooth cup of coffee is satisfying to the palate.Perfectly Balanced, Smooth Finish...
Bold & Full Bodied, Rich Finish

Cerrado Gold 5lb

Cerrado Gold is our full city roast. Superbly smooth with a bold refined taste. A popular choice for those seeking a rich coffee flavor but not too dark. Often perfect for creating an espresso coffee. Bold and Full Bodied, Rich Finish. 100% Premium...
Chocolate Silk

Chocolate Silk 5lb Bulk

Chocolate lovers will melt with our irresistible mocha flavored coffee. Indulge in the perfect balance of cocoa and coffee. Rich Chocolate Indulgence. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Mountain Water Processed - Decaf

Decaf 5lb

Just because it's Decaf doesn't mean you have to lose the original full flavor. The method used for decaffeinating this roast is a mountain water process- chemical free procedure. With a Medium body, our Decaf roast is still a pure bliss! Mountain Water...
Sophisticated Deep Roast Coffee

French Roast 5lb

The French Roast is our boldest, most intense roast. With a rich, robust taste this brew is not for the timid. Sophisticated Deep Roast Coffee. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Peppermint Flavored

Peppermint Bark 5lb Bulk

Celebrate this winter with our peppermint flavored coffee! A sparkling delight to all, this light roasted coffee is blended smoothly with the essence of cool peppermint for a warm but tasty holiday treat!Peppermint Flavored. 100% Premium Arabica Beans,...
Pumpkin Pie Flavored Coffee

Pumpkin Pie 5lb Bulk

Our Pumpkin Pie flavored coffee is back! For a Limited-Time-Only basis, we invite you to sit back and enjoy the smooth blended flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and spice. Happy Fall!Sweet Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Sugar Glazed Toasted Pecans

Southern Pecan 5lb Bulk

Balancing our light roast coffee with the sweet maple taste of nutty pecans, this classic flavor is an all time customer favorite! Sugar Glazed Toasted Pecans 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Essence of Fresh Cinnamon Rolls

Sticky Bun 5lb Bulk

Our irresistible breakfast coffee, perfect for on the go! Enjoy all the flavor of cinnamon sticky buns minus those fattening calories! Essence of Fresh Cinnamon Rolls. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.
Rich, Buttery Roasted Hazelnuts

Toasted Hazelnut 5lb Bulk

Our light roast coffee wraps the rich essence of warm toasted hazelnuts in a smooth creamy finish. Rich, Buttery Roasted Hazelnuts100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.