The Coffee Growing Process
Introducing Iron Brew Coffee's New Owners...

With 15+ years' experience in the coffee industry, my family is thrilled to be a part of the Iron Brew Coffee culture! Native to Ethiopia (aka: birthplace of coffee), we source beans directly from our own farms, partner with importers from around the globe, and will soon be bringing in more high-end coffees to Columbia, SC.

Currently our team is made up of:

  • Yared (that's me!) - Graduate of the University of South Carolina
  • Yohannes (my brother) - Finishing up his Q Grader Certification and will assist with future cupping events for the public to "Sip and Savor"
  • John - Roast Master with Iron Brew Coffee for 11 years
  • Renay - Production Assistant with Iron Brew Coffee for over 3 years 


Let us know how we can help, as we look forward to serving you premium coffees from around the world!

"Why the name Iron Brew?"  -From the Pride We Take in our Roaster!

The name Iron Brew came from the decision to roast our premium coffee beans in a cast-iron drum roaster, as opposed to many other roasters using stainless steel. 

By using cast-iron to roast, much like when using a cast-iron skillet to cook, we lock in the flavor of our beans. We use only the highest-quality, raw coffee beans from Brazil; thus our Iron Brew roaster locks in the excellent characteristics of these beans. 

Cast Iron Roaster + High-Quality Beans = Your Favorite Cup of Brew from South Carolina!