Cerrado Gold 5lb

Cerrado Gold 5lb *
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Cerrado Gold is our full city roast. Superbly smooth with a bold refined taste. A popular choice for those seeking a rich coffee flavor but not too dark. Often perfect for creating an espresso coffee. 

Bold and Full Bodied, Rich Finish
100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.


Reviews (7)

elaine mclane 2nd Jun 2017

favorite blend from Blythewood SC coffee roaster.

I have been a fan of pike place coffee from Starbucks for years but I discovered Iron Brew coffee a few years ago and their cerrado gold is now my favorite. You cannot beat their customer service and speedy delivery time. Their quality comes from all directions.

Jan Haas 14th Apr 2016

Delicious way to start my day!

Iron Brew coffee is smooth tasting and I look forward to my cup, or two, each morning. The Cerrado Gold is my favorite however the flavors are also delicious.....especially Southern Pecan and Sticky Bun.

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