We are a family owned and operated company located in the heart of the South Carolina. Living in the South, we have a knack for having fun while sharing our delicious coffees with you!

Iron Brew Coffee was started by Vance Patterson after a trip to Brazil for one of his other businesses.  As part of his visit, Vance had the opportunity to check out some Brazilian coffee farms in the Cerrado region.  After sampling some of their exquisite coffee, the decision was made to begin importing the green beans and roasting them here in the states.  Initially the roasting was outsourced, but Vance was concerned with the lack of control that went with relying on others for the quality of product.  He researched different methods for roasting coffee and eventually decided on a cast iron drum roaster because of its ability to lock in flavors, adding to the richness of future batches.  He then hired a roast master and Iron Brew Coffee was officially born! 

That was way back in 2003 (as a frame of reference: R Kelly was topping the charts and Nokia had the most popular phone).  As Iron Brew Coffee expanded, Vance hired on his son, Matt, to handle sales and his daughter, Megan, for marketing. With John roasting and Renay working operations, the Iron Brew Coffee family was complete!

Our goal is to provide you with the convenience of our 24hr online Coffee Shop, carrying the highest quality of coffee beans the Cerrado Region has to offer.

With just the click of a button we will have your order exquisitely roasted, carefully packaged and promptly delivered right to your door.  We want to ensure that you truly enjoy the Iron Brew experience as you take your first sip of Iron Brew's gourmet coffee. Contact us coffee@ironbrewcoffee.com or 888-448-1441.