Red Velvet Cake, Single Serve Coffees

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This Limited-Time-Only, light roasted coffee is the perfect balance of vanilla notes, a hint of buttermilk, and a dusting of cocoa. Savor this unique coffee flavor while it lasts! Dramatic, Delicious Dessert. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.

Now offering our 100% premium coffees in Single Serve Cups, you can conveniently brew the satisfying full flavor with just the press of a button. 12 Single Serve Cups are packed into each container and are compatible for use in your K-Cup®* brewer. Compatible with Keurig 2.0

Inside each Flavor or Decaf Single Serve Cup we measure out the perfect amount of ground coffee, then we lock in the freshness with an airtight cap and seal. Our Single Serve Cups are PP plastic recyclable (including the filter). We also suggest and encourage you to use the grounds for compost! In truth, all you need to know is it makes an awesome Single Serve cup of Iron Brew Coffee!

*Iron Brew Single Serve Cups are not affiliated with nor approved by Keurig, Incorporated.


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Chancey 28th Sep 2021


This coffee tastes great! I hope you will continue to offer these in kcups.

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