Sticky Bun 12oz

Sticky Bun 12oz *
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Our irresistible breakfast coffee, perfect for on the go! Enjoy all the flavor of cinnamon sticky buns minus those fattening calories! Essence of Fresh Cinnamon Rolls. 100% Premium Arabica Beans, never blended.


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25th Jan 2017

Mornings are a little easier with Sticky Bun!

I have never been a coffee drinker... EVER! That is until our daughter brought home a fundraiser with her school soccer team. My husband is the coffee drinker of the family, but decided to change it up a bit from his regular "basic" coffee and we bought a bag of Sticky Bun. I was pleasantly surprised that the aroma didn't offend me. Ha! As soon as it brewed he convinced me to try it, although I was still skeptical. I fell in love instantly! It wasn't overbearing in aroma or flavor and had just the perfect amount of sweetness. I am officially a coffee drinker now! We wake up every morning to a full pot of Sticky Bun and I thank my husband for introducing me to this and my daughter, too!! We went through the first 2 bags from the fundraiser and have since bought 3 more. We're lifelong customers now and have told everyone about this wonderful brand and flavor. I'm hooked!

6th May 2014

Excellent flavor and aroma!

This is my Husband's favorite! Yummy!

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